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Electronic Hive Record
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Here is some of what you get with electronic Hive Record

Mobile App

Free mobile app where you have access to your information and for registrations in the apiary during inspections.


Portal login with access to detailed records and statuses for all hives and yards.


Full list of inspection history and other relevant data you need for effective beekeeping.


Both the app and the portal can be used in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and English.


Choose a subscription adapted to your needs

Demo1-15Free for 3 monthsE-mail
Small1-15kr 149,- pr. yearE-mail
Medium16-50kr 399,- pr. yearE-mail
Large50+kr 699,- pr. yearE-mail


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Questions and answers

Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers

+ Is the app on the App Store or Google Play?
No, not yet. Go to app.hiverecord.com and add to homescreen to get the app-experience.
+ How many hives can I register?
Check the list of subscriptions what fit your needs.
+ How many yards can I register?
There is no limit on the number of yards, only the number of registered, active hives.
+ How many observations and actions can I register?
There is no limit on the number of observations and actions, only the number of registered, active hives.
+ How much does the mobile app cost?
The mobile app is free. You only pay for the subscription.
+ What happens if I register wrong? Can I change my records?
You can re-register observations and actions, and they will overwrite existing (for the same date). If you log in to the portal portal.hiverecord.com, you can edit your registrations there.
+ Can I register relocation of a hive?
Yes. It's easy to record moving from one yard to another. The system automatically saves a list of hives you have moved, according to Norwegian regulations.
+ Is there a user guide to the system?
Yes - it can be downloaded by clicking this link (PDF, 244 KBytes).
+ Do I have to be in the apiary to register it in the app?
No. It is correct that the app detects UTM33 coordinates for where you are, but these can be updated later when visiting the apiary. They can also be entered manually if you know them.
+ Which languages are available?
The APP and the Portal is available in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.
+ Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Send an email to kubekort@kube.no
+ How do I upgrade my current subscription?
This is done in the portal. Log in and click the "Subscription" menu. To the right you will see the pop up menu where you can choose your desired subscription.

User Manual

About Hive Record

Hive Record is a tool for registration and monitoring of beekeping on mobile , tablet and PC . The system is based on the ' Note Card ' used in traditional Norwegian beekeeping and Norwegian 'Regulations on beekeping'. Hive Record is developed in Norway by Kube RÃ¥givning AS, Arendal.

The latest version is v. 2.67